Tips for Traveling with a Laptop

How to keep your technology clean while traveling for business or pleasure.

Most people feel more secure by taking their laptops with them on their flight in the main cabin, rather than checking it with the rest of their luggage. Most are afraid of the possible damages that could occur to their electronics once it’s out of their hands. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has implemented rules and regulations for personal electronic devices.

Obviously, personal electronic devices including cell phones and laptops are on the safe list of carry-on items and you can protect your laptop from daily wear and tear with vintage leather laptop bag.

Going Through Security

To save time when you’re going through the security checkpoint at an airport, be sure to remove your laptop from its case and put it in a bin by itself.  Although some laptop bags are now being allowed at airports, if yours isn’t specifically designed for airport security checkpoints you’ll want to take it out of your bag. If you are using a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag, the process of going through airport security becomes quicker and more efficient.

After this, the next thing you need to do is remember to pick up your laptop since according to this post and the many uses to the cloud now a days you can access to almost everything remotely. Surprisingly enough, forgetting to retrieve your laptop is a very common occurrence at airports. The best way to make sure it doesn’t happen is to attach a label to your laptop with your name and phone number on it if you aren’t already using a checkpoint-friendly laptop case.

Airport security is actually allowed to confiscate your laptop at any time. If they do ask you for your laptop, then all you can do is politely hand it over to them with no arguments. Thankfully, in most countries there is no need to worry about airport security when carrying-on your laptop and you should have no problem going through security with your laptop as long as you don’t forget it on your way to the terminal!

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